Strawberry bubble gum and the art of black and white photography. That’s what our marquee said for Anton and Dao. When I asked them what it meant I got one of my favorite real life “meet cute” moments 🙂 Anton and a friend were at the Portland Art Museum checking out an exhibit of black and white photography when he turned because he caught the whiff of Dao’s strawberry bubble gum. They were together after that. Isn’t that the best?? 🙂

These two were a great pair and such great people to plan with. They were organized and the level of DIY and creativity they had was amazing! There were flowers all over and not one, but two backdrops they created. One for the ceremony and one for a photo receiving line. The photo backdrop had gauzy fabric with lights and hand glued flowers. It was beautiful. Guests really enjoyed using it later for a photo station!

It was a beautiful day and a wonderful team made it all come together. Divine Catering had a delicious buffet for everyone. We all really enjoyed the menu selections! The desserts came from Sugar Street and St Cupcake. This table was so well decorated too! Pretty Geeky was on site again. I watched them get some really beautiful pictures. A great couple makes this even easier. Lastly, DJ Crum had them all happy on the dance floor!

Congratulations Dao and Anton!