The West End Ballroom building has had a long history in Portland. Designed by architect A.L. Dupuy and originally built in February 1922 for the Portland Women’s Club, it was always intended to be shared with other clubs and organizations in need of a meeting space. The property was sold to the Women’s Club for $10 in June 1920.

The clubhouse hosted international speakers, extensive fundraisers, cooking classes, war effort sewing, and many other community events during its eighty years with the PWC. At various points in the building’s life it was also utilized as the Movie House, one of a chain of small art house theaters run by Portland cinephile Randy Finley, and later as a playhouse.

In the Fall of 1999, the Portland Woman’s Club began looking into selling the clubhouse, as maintenance costs were becoming prohibitive. It was ultimately sold to the First Baptist Church, located across the street. The sale of the building has allowed the PWC to provide many scholarships for women, allowing them to pursue their college education and to attain a better standard of living for themselves and their families.

In 2008, the Church leased the building to Visiting Media owner Ben Powers for use as a ballroom and event space. Ben has since transformed it into one of Portland’s premiere wedding facilities. Click here to learn more about what the West End has to offer »


The best thing about the venue is its simple beauty.

~ Rana & William