We all know summer is the time of year when everyone is getting married, but with all the hype, are peak seasons weddings really the right way to go?
Here are a few of our top reasons why off-peak season weddings just might be perfect for you!
Embracing a season or holiday-themed wedding is a unique and extra special way to stand out! Think winter wonderland, romantic valentine, luck of the Irish, blossoming spring, haunted Halloween or New Year’s Eve celebration! There are endless possibilities to make your wedding one your guests will remember for years to come!
We also love off-peak weddings because the likely hood your guests will be available to attend is so much greater! Summer is the time of year when people go out of town or on vacation. Give your friends and family members something to look forward to in the slower colder months!
This same rule goes for your vendor team as well! Not only will the chances be greater for your guests to be available, but also your dream vendors! There is so much less competition for bookings in the off-peak months, giving you the opportunity to absolutely rock your vendor team!

When picking your wedding date it ultimately comes down to how you envision your dream day, but why not consider the ideas we discussed? You just might fall in LOVE with off-peak season weddings just like us!