West End Ballroom Rental Agreement

Please carefully read over the agreement terms and conditions below before you fill out this form. Please contact us with any questions. You will receive a confirmation e-mail once this form is submitted and another confirmation once your deposit has been processed.
  • • two ballrooms with heat and ac
    • two outside areas including a unique patio alley
    • capacity for up to 200 guests
    • 10 hour rental, stay on site up to 1am
    • tables and chairs (natural wood and Chiavari)
    • an event day venue manager
    • a doorman
    • coat room
    • use of our gobos and uplighting
    • use of the marquee out front (with your event info!)
    • use of the in house audio system, webcams, and lobby monitor
    • use of any loaner inventory and furniture at no charge
    • select from many partner catering companies (find our current partner list on our website by selecting Details and then Our Partners)
  • Would you like to increase your venue rental time for $200 each additional hour? If so, how many hours?
  • We are proud to offer premium local Oregon wine, and do ask that you use our house wines from Arcane Cellars. One thing to note is that ALL varietals are just $20 and our partner caterers will not charge a corkage for our wines! This is a HUGE cost savings for our clients!
    BOOKING SPECIAL! Order your wine credit on this agreement and receive a 10% bonus on the amount you purchase. You can purchase wine credit at any time before your event, but CURRENT BOOKING SPECIAL 10% bonus is only offered for wine credit purchased on THIS agreement. (Please note that any amount of wine credit you opt to pre-purchase now will be processed along with your deposit.)
    The varietals we have in stock are subject to change based on season and availability, but we currently have in stock - Pinot Gris, Riesling, Pinot Noir and Wheatland Red (a larger red blend)
  • Would you like to book The West End Ballroom's onsite photo booth for your wedding? Rate $200/hr minimum 3 hour purchase - no additional deposit required, balance due 30 days before event date.
    CURRENT BOOKING SPECIAL! Reserve the photo booth and get your first 3 hours for just $500 (each additional hour $200)! Offer valid on THIS agreement only!
  • Would you like to add our sparkler package? Guests will be provided with sparklers for outside use for your grand exit! $149 for the package
  • Please note that we share new bookings with our partner caterers right away. At the end of each month we share with the rest of our partner team.
  • Rental Contract

    Rental Contract:

    Please read over the terms listed below for the West End Ballroom, located at 1220 SW Taylor in Portland, Oregon 97205.

    The rental of this venue includes the following:
    10 consecutive hours up between 8am- 2am
    Use of both ballrooms
    Use of audio and lighting systems
    Use of the marquee
    An event day venue manager and/or a doorman
    4, 48” round tables
    20, 60” round tables
    10, 6' banquet tables
    10, 8' banquet tables
    180 wood folding chairs (one per guest)
    180 Chiavari chairs (one per guest)
    Loaner items are not guaranteed in any way

    PAYMENT & CANCELLATION: A deposit of $1000 is required to secure this agreement. This deposit and all payments are non-refundable under all circumstances, including cancellation and/or early/pre-payment. If you move your date a $700 move fee will apply. The balance will be charged to the credit card on file 30-days prior to your event unless a payment is sent to us sooner. Your total consists of the base rental rate minus any discounts, plus any added items or outside catering fees. Added hours are billed at $300/hour on the event day, or $200 if planned in advance unless otherwise agreed upon.

    SECURITY/DAMAGE DEPOSIT: The cost to repair any damage caused by you, your vendors or your guests will be charged to your card on file within 14 days of your wedding. You will receive an itemized statement and notification prior to payment processing.

    GUEST COUNT: The West End Ballroom and their onsite facility is designed for an ideal guest count of up to 170. The ballrooms can hold more than 175 people but set up options will be limited. At The West End Ballroom if your guest count exceeds 200 you must contact us for approval in writing before booking and you will be required to provide additional staffing to keep the upstairs ballroom at 200 people or under with the remainder of your guest downstairs.

    LIMIT OF LIABILTY: This venue, The West End Ballroom and all of its employees and agents are not responsible for any illness, injury or death on or off the premises as a result of alcohol consumption or any other reason. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items or for any illness or injury suffered by you or any of your guests while visiting our venue. If you feel that we have failed to provide a service guaranteed on this agreement and wish to request some sort of compensation, all requests MUST be made no later than 5 days after your event. Any concerns that you have with any other vendor, including your catering company, must be addressed specifically with that vendor. We are not responsible for acts of god such as excessive heat, fire, flood etc.

    BUILDING CONDITION: The West End Ballroom is an older building. We have a very good heating system in both ballrooms and air conditioning in the upper ballroom. With that said, if the weather is extreme and the doors are not kept closed, the space can get too warm/cold. It is up to you and your vendors to understand that they can’t prop open the building doors at any time. On warm days lights and other heat generating items should be turned off until the event begins.

    ADA NOTES: The West End Ballroom has no elevator access to the 2nd floor ballroom.

    EVENT PLANNING: Please select your catering company and begin planning your site set up with this vendor. About 90 days before your wedding your event day assistant will be in touch to set up your final walk through and planning meetings. Prior to this time please keep in mind that we are by appointment only.

    EVENT DAY ASSISTANT AND STAFF: Your catering company must provide an event day site manager, unless otherwise noted on this agreement, to help ensure your event runs smoothly. We will also provide an event day assistant; our assistant is not responsible for the outcome of your event. Please promptly provide this individual with any requested information regarding your event day. Your food provider will determine what number of food and event staff members are needed.

    SET UP / TEAR DOWN: Your catering company is responsible for setting up all tables and chairs included in this package and/or rented. The West End Ballroom will make these items available no later than 2 hours before your event; they will be stored in the venue's specific inventory storage area and must be moved from this area to the event space by your catering staff and returned after the event. This is also the case for any loaner items you borrowed from our 'loaner' inventory. You and/or your caterer must remove ALL items from the tables and place your left over party favors, vases etc. in one location for you to remove at the end of the event. West End Ballroom staff will not set up decorations. Decorations must be set up during your rental time unless arranged in advance. You are responsible for taking all personal items from the dressing rooms and other ballroom areas, all left over flowers, favors, food, cake, anything thrown as you exit, etc. All items brought in by you and your guests, including garbage, must be removed by you or your food provider. We will bill you at $50/hour for any items left behind that we need to clean up. This includes bottles, flowers, garbage, signs etc.

    FOOD AND BEVERAGE SERVICE / HOLD HARMLESS: All food and beverage management and service is the responsibility of your catering provider; West End staff will not, under any circumstances, assist in your food service. By digitally signing this agreement you agree to hold The West End Ballroom harmless for any actions of your food/beverage provider and understand that we are not responsible for your catering provider in any way. You are responsible to insure that your catering provider understands any rules and requirements (all partner vendors understand these rules).

    CATERING REQUIREMENTS/PARTNERS: You are free to hire any catering company you wish from our long list of partners. If you want to bring in a non-partner company this must be negotiated ON this agreement. Additional fees will apply as our costs can go up dramatically when a 3rd party caterer is used. No discounts will apply to the outside catering fee. All appointments and deliveries must be set up, in advance, with our office.

    BEER, WINE and ALCOHOL REQUIREMENTS: At The West End Ballroom we will source still wines and sparkling wines ($15-$25/bottle) for all clients. Our partner caterers will not charge corkage fees for our wines. The varietals we have in stock are subject to change based on availability, but we are happy to send you our current beverage list upon request. We have partnered with Kramer Vineyards to source their Celebrate Sparkling Pinot Gris for our clients and Arcane Cellars for our still wines.

    We highly recommend you complete a wine service agreement prior to your event to provide instructions if the bar runs out of wine during the event. You can find this agreement form along with a wine pre order form on the Details, then Rental Info page of our website. Any wine purchased on the wedding night will be billed to the card on file at the current rate. If you wish to supplement your own wine, or opt out of the wine policy by serving only outside wine, it must be negotiated on this agreement and an opt-out fee will apply. If you fail to use our house wines (forget to purchase it or forget to opt out/catering company doesn't know and serves other wines, etc.) we will bill you for 3 cases of wine at $25/bottle. You will then be able to select any of our wines you wish (all wines will cost $25/bottle in this situation). You will have one month to pick up your wine at our main office.

    Any and all alcohol must be served by only a licensed individual with liquor liability insurance. You cannot simply bring in beer, wine or any alcohol for your own consumption. Unless you are using one of our partner caterers your food provider must provide us with a copy of his/her liquor license and servers permits. No hard alcohol is allowed unless approved in writing, in advance. If approved, hard alcohol will be limited and can only be served for 2 hours (unless otherwise approved on this agreement). A $1000 fine will apply if you bring in hard alcohol without obtaining written permission from The West End Ballroom in advance.

    ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION GUIDELINES: We retain the right to cut off any individual who appears to be intoxicated from consuming any additional alcoholic beverages. If any event gets 'out of hand' the venue manager or any venue staff, at its discretion, may stop additional alcoholic beverage service. We are not responsible for any increased costs and will not refund you any money if we opt to shut down your bar early... for any reason.

    HOURS OF VENUE RENTAL: All music must end no later than 1 hour from the end of your event time. Clean-up must be completed and all parties must be off the grounds by the end of your rental time. This venue fee includes a rehearsal time of up to 60-minutes. All rehearsals are for principal wedding participants only and will be scheduled in approximately 2 months advance. Not all dates/times will be open for rehearsals.

    VENDOR RULES: Any vendor that operates during the wedding or reception must obtain/provide a liability insurance binder naming the proper parties (see site manager for details). Vendors will not be allowed to work at the wedding or reception without first submitting this form to the site manager in advance of the wedding. Non partner vendors are also required to agree to our vendors rules in writing prior to the wedding. It is up to you to obtain these rules and get approvals from your vendors.

    PARTNER VENDORS: The West End works with a great team of partner vendors. We share business leads and ideas. If you do NOT want your information shared with our partner vendor team, please indicate this at the appropriate question on the rental agreement. The ONLY current partner vendor list is linked on our website. Please only use this list end making your selections.

    LIGHTING/AUDIO: Your rental includes use of most of our lighting, including 10 colored LED uplights. If you wish to use our gobo holders please remember to obtain your gobos well before your event (unless you are using one we have in stock); we must have them a week prior to your event at the latest. Be sure to order no more than 2 gobos in SIZE M gobos if getting a custom pattern.

    If you plan to use of our audio system be sure we know this; please be sure to confirm it works with your device well in advance of your event. We are not responsible if our system is not compatible with your music device. Our audio system is only set up to be used with a device connecting via audio jack connection. Professional DJ's are not allowed to use our system. We can control the volume at all times and reserve the right to make volume adjustments at any time. Please avoid using ANY outlets at the base of the columns inside the upstairs ballroom as they are tied to our lighting system.

    THE PHOTO BOOTH: In the ballroom we have a photo booth provided by Flashionista Photo. You can rent the photo booth from Flashionista for $200 per hour with a three hour minimum. If interested, select Yes on the rental agreement to receive it for the booking special rate of 3 hours for $500. All strip images can have your name and date on them and will contain our logo.

    SPARKLERS: The West End Ballroom only allows the use of sparklers on the property that are supplied by our venue. A sparkler package can be added to your rental for $149. When sparklers are being used, they need to be ignited over the asphalt outside the front of the building. If the debris from the sparklers stains the concrete, or if there is excessive cleanup needed after the event, there will be an additional $100 cleaning fee charged to the credit card on file. If unauthorized sparklers are used, an additional $100 cleaning fee will be charged to the credit card on file or it will be removed from the cleaning deposit.

    NON WEDDING EVENTS: While much of this agreement refers to wedding events, all terms listed on this document apply to non-wedding events and non-wedding clients. If you are a non-wedding client please read this agreement carefully and be sure to make any agreement adjustment requests before you sign this document. Changes may not be approved once this document is signed.

    OTHER: By digitally signing you agree to the above terms and authorize The West End Ballroom to charge a $1000 deposit now and the balance of your package 30-days before the event to the card noted on the signature form, unless another form of payment has been made in advance. The West End Ballroom can also charge this card for unpaid wine (used at your event), outside catering fees and any other applicable fees. A 3.5% credit card transaction fee will be added to your invoice, but not applied to your deposit payment. If you wish to avoid this fee on any other balances, please pay using a check or cash before the payment is due. IMPORTANT: If the credit card noted on the signature form is not owned by you, by signing and submitting this agreement you are indication that you do have permission from the card's owner to use the credit card noted below and that they have read and understand this agreement.

    If you feel that something was offered that is NOT on this agreement it must be added; nothing verbal is applicable.
  • Please SIGN YOUR FULL NAME BELOW to indicate that you have read, understand and agree to the venue rental terms above.
  • Please SIGN YOUR FULL NAME BELOW to indicate that you have read, understand and agree to the in house and third party catering rule and fees for the West End Ballroom.
  • Please SIGN YOUR FULL NAME BELOW to indicate that you have read, understand and agree to the alcohol rule and fees for the West End Ballroom.
  • To avoid the card processing fee you can submit a check!
  • Photo booth and wine are not eligible for discount as they've previously been discounted or bonused.
  • We want to continue to be there for our clients' needs.